a bro ass lookin motha fucka
ima punch that bro right in his broface!!!
by joejoe h October 05, 2007
Top Definition
The act of two bro's headbutting eachother as a way of connecting with eachother on a more intense level than mere brofisting.
'Dude I just banged your mom' "Fuck yeah! Broface!"
by broseidon of the brocean May 20, 2011
When one squints the eyes, puts hand near the mouth like holding a popsicle, inflates the cheeks, and points with the other hand at a person. Used as a greeting. Pose, or pretty much anything.
Frat star 1:Dude broface for this selife!!
frat star 2: yeah man!


*broface at a girl* *she smiles* *shes wants the d*

*broface in public with a bro, bro brofaces back at you*
by IhazeGeeds January 15, 2014
when a female has been donned with masculine features of the face such as heavy chin, facial hair, large brow bone, bulbous nose, thick eye brows, receding hairline, Adam's apple, penis
1. Dude, that chick is so bro-faced
2. I can't believe you slept with that bro-face
3. Danny D loves the bro-faces
4. Only a mama could love a bro-face like that.
by The El capitán April 08, 2008
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