Spanish translation for "bro". Often used to describe college fraternity members, particularly those whose schools are regionally close to Mexico.
-what up brosef?
-not shit brochacho! just chillin
by Brochach February 04, 2008
A person who is so amazing you just can't think of another way to describe them. Also another term for a Bro, or someone your really tight with.
Ross is my brochacho for life.
by Archie Motha May 01, 2011
a friend or acquaintance that is cool and awesome.
Hey brochacho, thanks for inviting me over.
by dotsomg November 11, 2010
Your best best best best best best mexican friend who lives in a ghetto.
Juan: Hey brochacho, you got that mary joanne?
Ramirez: Sí, puta, yo nunca olvidaré!
by RainbowUnicornBetch March 28, 2011

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