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Broad floater is a term that is used at a predominantly male gathering (watching a sports game, playing poker, etc.) where pizza is being ordered. Naturally, each male orders his own medium or large pizza with his choice of topping (usually meat-based) to prove his manliness to his peers. To satisfy the women and to avoid nagging equality/sexism comments, a couple of broad floaters are ordered. The typical broad floater includes feminine toppings such as feta cheese and spinach. Tip: Broads love whole wheat.
"Pass a slice of the broad floater and a Diet Decaf Pepsi to Jessica"

"Order three broad floaters today, we have a lot of broads."

"Tell her to stop trying to eat my pizza, the broad floater is across the room."
by Aadil Shamji, Shahista Kassam February 24, 2010