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A hardon for your bro's.
A: "Hey bro, i've got the axe and the natti ice, did you bring the other essentials?"
B: "Yeah bro, i've got the gamecube and the black dildo"
A: "I've got such a bro-on right now bro"
B: "Yeah bro"
by Craig McRae July 26, 2006
24 3
Geordie or Newcastle slang for their beloved brown ale brewed in the area. Also known as Dog as in "I am out on the dog"
I'll av a Bottle o broon please mate
by Dava Chava May 05, 2004
11 8
Scots, Nickname for people who's last name is Brown, can also be made into a longer version as Broony. Also the name of a famous scottish cartoon family "The Broons"
"Broon is late"
"Broon is a fanny"
by Broony November 19, 2007
9 10
a shitstain on the ass of life
Man, that's Broon!
by Yer Maw April 08, 2003
7 14
A Homosexual male, with bad looks
"He is just like broon"

"What a Broon"
by Henny Henaghan March 08, 2008
7 17