A hardon for your bro's.
A: "Hey bro, i've got the axe and the natti ice, did you bring the other essentials?"
B: "Yeah bro, i've got the gamecube and the black dildo"
A: "I've got such a bro-on right now bro"
B: "Yeah bro"
by Craig McRae July 26, 2006
Geordie or Newcastle slang for their beloved brown ale brewed in the area. Also known as Dog as in "I am out on the dog"
I'll av a Bottle o broon please mate
by Dava Chava May 05, 2004
Scots, Nickname for people who's last name is Brown, can also be made into a longer version as Broony. Also the name of a famous scottish cartoon family "The Broons"
"Broon is late"
"Broon is a fanny"
by Broony November 19, 2007
a shitstain on the ass of life
Man, that's Broon!
by Yer Maw April 08, 2003
A Homosexual male, with bad looks
"He is just like broon"

"What a Broon"
by Henny Henaghan March 08, 2008

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