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When two bros chill so hard they exceed a "bromance" however have not become complete "bromosexuals". This intermediate stage can appear extremely homosexual to someone observing the extreme bromance.
Liz: "Are Jimmy and Gordon gay?"

Danielle: "No."

Liz: "Then why do they act so gay together."

Danielle: "They must be bro-curious."
by brotron July 20, 2010
Some one who is in to BMX bikes, brands such as No Fear and Fox, and wear Dickies shorts and other attire similair to a traditional bro. But they do not actually ride dirt bikes or have lifted trucks or things of this nature. So they basically take on the appearance of a bro they are just not a real one.
Steven: Hey look at that bro!

Andrew: No he's just brocurious.
by Magic Smith December 05, 2011
One bro who, although confined to a lone woman, finds themselves curiously jealous of other dudes for the purposes of bromance and bromosexual relations.
He had always been jealous of other dudes in a bromantic relationship. Since he started dating Stacey last October, he had almost forgotten the pleasure of being found with other bros. He labeled himself brocurious.

Bro 1: “I really miss the dirty talk in the man cave.”

Bro 2: “Do you think…its possible?”


Wife/Girlfriend: “WHAT!!”

Bro 1: “I…I guess I’m just brocurious.”
by bros-hoes=justbros January 12, 2011
A guy who hangs out/aspires to be a bro, but is not enough of a bro himself.
look at that skinny guy with all those football players. He must be bro- curious
by joe ballig July 25, 2010
(noun) a bro who just miiiight be gay
"Whoa, is Nick gay? He and Chris are always posting so many pictures on Facebook together!"
"No, he's not gay, just a little brocurious."
by MarthaandConrad September 09, 2013
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