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The act of finishing on the forehead of your partner
She was going down on me and I totally bro toxed her to enhance her skin quality
by lattawoods July 31, 2011
1) Enlarging your group of bros
2) Building up the confidence of existing bros
1) Everyone I know moved away, I need some brotox.

2) Chad is looking really down right now, we need to perform a little brotox procedure on him.
by CMPerson June 12, 2015
A face lift commonly operated upon bros which gets rid of any double chins a bro might recieve from beerpong or drinking too many yagerbombs.
"Broseph I got Brotox so i could look my best and mack birds on Spring Break."
by broking911 May 28, 2009
It's a detox of all things "bro."
I can't believe you made me go to that bar last night. After seeing all the affliction, Ed hardy with Situation wanna-be's, I'm going to need a good "brotox" before I go out again.
by monkiedelapuch March 04, 2011
A portmanteau formed from bro and botox.

u inject brotox into the muscles u want to de-emphasize, its a new substance similar to botox (which paralyzes muscles for a number weeks - used for the face to reduce wrinkling), however brotox paralyzes muscles for only a few hours (it has a v.short half life) & is used for these kinds of matters. so u inject surrounding muscles which removes their involvement from the compound exercise leaving the target muscle uninhibited so it takes most of the load.

that way u can do any pulling moves u want, u dont have to worry about these funky variations where u look like ur taking a sh!t while focusing on mmc & all that rubbish
I just brotoxed my lats, now I can pull up using my glenohumeral-scapulac joint chain and not contribute to my internal rotation problems.
by tyciol January 25, 2011
Noun- the surgical improvement of the size, performance, or appearance of a male's penis. (Similar to botox.)
Jane: Oh my god, I heard Jeff's dick is 8 inches long!
Tori: Relax, its just because of the brotox.
The formation of a black eye on a female, presumably from an abusive partner.
"I see Jessica has had brotox."
by Breny W November 17, 2008

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