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The means for embarking on a lifelong bromance with your heterosexual male partner. Many wenis rodeos will ultimately take place on this journey of two men becoming one.
Dude I'm so excited that we are taking the broship on our journey together.
by Russ the Bus June 20, 2007

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A non-romantic pairing of two (or more) characters together. It focuses on the their relationship as friends, or occasionally as real blood-related brothers.

May be written as: "bro ship", "broship" or "bro!ship"

Relatable to: BrOTP
Ace, Luffy, and Sabo have the best bro!ship ever!
I love Edward and Al, they're my number one broship.
Yep, I bro!ship those two.
by kerfulles January 26, 2014
The state of being "bro's" with someone. Extreme love for a bro in a unconditional way.
My friends and I represent bro ship by smoking blunts together.
by Fitzgerald October 26, 2007