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A masculine hug occuring between two men, usually occuring during moments of intense joy or initial meeting. They are marked by their overtly heterosexual nature.

First popularized by the "Professor Brothers" cartoons.
Mike (uncomfortably): "Ian, why are you holding me."
Ian: "Bro Grab, man."
Mike (suddenly comfortable and unmolestedly): "Ah. Cool."

"I pulled up to the curb with manly, Kate Moss confidence. And there's the dean and his wife, bulging with impatient fluids. I moved in for a bro grab and got totally whiffed" - Professor (ep. 'Late Date')
by Cyd Midel Vardelli February 28, 2007
another term for two men embracing; a man hug
i haven't seen you in a while. give me some bro grabs.

by king reuben January 30, 2007
n., 1. the act of a bro embracing another bro, typically with only one arm and often with a closed palm back pat. 2. an uncommitted hug.
"Yeah, we cool - we always bro-grab"
by A Bro June 11, 2008
First referenced in the the webtoon by the "The Professor Brothers".

In this context it is describing two actual brothers hugging, but can be used for african americans or just if you hug one of your bros.

Far more manly than a hug but less manly than breaking bits of wood with your head.
If your mate tells you he is getting married, a handshake won't do. Go in for a brograb!
by thebrock June 29, 2011
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