be right over.
aka the cooler version of brb
cook kid #1: Do you want to come over after lax practice with your girlfriend so we can drink natty light and I can fuck your girlfriend while you make me a sandwich?

cool kid #2: Yea we'll bro.
by The original cool kid October 16, 2010
18-24 year old male who wears Birkenstock sandals, watches Family Guy, plays ultimate frisbee, and wears an upside down visor or a baseball cap with a prefrayed brim.
You know, a bro.
by Zozoas August 22, 2009
a simple man who likes sticking his penis into the ass of his unsuspecting male friends. more or less the night will play out thus:
1. Friends get invited over to bro's house
2. Bro takes out gamecube
3. Bro takes out Natty Ice (Natural Ice)
4. Bro waits till friends are drunk
5. Bro whips out dick
6. Bro rapes friends....hard and analy.

that being said, sit and talk with your friends, and make sure that they do not follow the "bro code." or else you may wake up being to the following example.
"Aww bro last night was crazy, but why does my ass hurt so bad?"

"I'm pretty sure you fell down the stairs."

"What stairs.....
by Big Billiam March 03, 2009
n. (brah, broh) A (usually) Caucasian male who:
Thinks he’s a badass, but has nothing much to do with his time but drink and hit on ugly girls.
Acts gagsta, but is racist.
Has more clothes than most girls. Is very protective of his shoes.
Is homophobic.
Always wears a cap of some kind. Usually with a flat brim that is turned ever so slightly to one side.
Drives a big truck and/or thinks he’s from the bay.
First seen in: Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring.
Primary Habitat: Cali
Signifying Markings: Famous brand anything, matching trucker hat and shoes, proudly displaying norcal or socal decals on their vehicles.
Activities: Seen mostly in Frats (if they can get into college), going to bars and trolling for scratch (if they can live past 21), dancing like douche bags, and getting into fights. May refer to themselves as gangsta, hood, country, or any number of other misnomer.
Likes: motor sports, 30 packs of light beer, bleach blond butterfaces, gagsta rap
Dislikes: the police, smart people, hoppy lagers, all ales, parties with less than 200 people.
Catch Phrases: “Brah,” “You don’t gotta lie to kick it,” “Effing,” and adding “-izzle” after every noun, using the word hyphee to describe clothing altogether too much.
Synonyms: Townies
Bro: "S'up?"
Girl: "Matt? Is that you?"
Bro: "Foshizzle"
Girl: "You're a Brah now?"
Bro: "Eff No!"
Girl: "Then what's with the Famous shirt and the Fox racing cap? And why are your hat and shoes color coordinated?"
Bro: "pfft, cha. Why you always hatin' on a nigga that's havin' thangs?"
Girl: ????
by raejae December 29, 2008
1.) A brother
2.) A Short, Skinny, Blonde Hair, polo wearing, high voice, running, way so gay person. (gel hair optional)
Clayton Kirk is a bro
by Tim Watts October 29, 2008
friends that are not necessarily related but are really good friends. also used when playing Super Smash Bros. can be used in many ways.
Hey bro, lets bro it up this weekend and play Super Smash Bros.
by Bro-hammad April 28, 2008
A white male usually from a middle class Neighborhood. Usually bro's will consider them selves to be racist but at the same time claim to be gangsters buy drugs from non white people and also over obsess about rap music. The bro species does not work and contributes nothing to society because they have an iq less then someone with down syndrom. All of them worship freestyle motocross riders but none of them actually ride. While freestyle motocross riders are glad to have these die hard companions people who race dirtbikes on a track resent there very presence. Do not mistake a bro for a person who actually races motocross these 2 people are on a completely different level. Bro's can also be described as a virus. Finally every bro who owns a car can be found driving a lifted above legality truck.
The bro skipped school today to drive with his friends out to watch the x games and smoke alot of weed.
by honda181 March 13, 2008

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