The act of taking on characteristics of a bro.
With his new hair cut, his popped collar and the jagerbomb in hand, Kenny looked totally bro'd out.
by devcass September 06, 2010
Top Definition
When an otherwise easygoing person dresses or accessorizes in an atypical fashion with the intention of implying toughness, usually when attempting to assimilate with a specific group of friends or "bro's".
Chad really looks "bro'd out" with his shorty helmet and tattoos blazing.
by TheFlexPump February 01, 2014
When an event is ruined by "sweet bros" showing up.
The party was fun until all those douche bags showed up. We got totally bro'd out .
by brookedanachris March 21, 2009
Can't act too gay.
"Dude was too bro'd out to dance to Britney"!
by B&F July 24, 2005

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