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A massive radio-cassette player, usually carried by stoned and thuggish black youths.
"Look at that cocky twat with his Brixton briefcase blaring out niggershit"
by Jerry Winston September 09, 2003
267 117

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Refers to a DJ carrying either a crate or a satchel full of vinyl records - namely in Brixton - because of the popularity of DJ'ing in that area and the many genres of digital music that have come from that area.
Saw the DJ arriving out back carrying a couple of Brixton briefcases
by Conspiritor August 13, 2012
20 64
A Mcdonalds/KFC burger box, as seen carried by every black male in Brixton
they all got on the tube stinking out the place with their Brixton briefcases
by howsyourdad March 22, 2006
93 159