A self centered narcissist vein plane wreck who has a destination wedding that excludes children with out offering childcare. Because god forbid any attention be drawn away from the center of the universe on HER day and HER day alone no one else matters but HERSELF and the alcohol being served at HER adults only wedding. After making no attempts to see you or spend time with you for 10 years expects you to drop your kids and shower HER with attention only to become bitter and resentful years later.
Bridezilla would spend the union of a family by excluding members by age. may you have many children you spineless amphibian.
by bichplease May 04, 2011
2) When a bride to be is SO ugly, the engagement announcement in the newspaper is printed without a picture.
Marie: Why is the there no picture of Ger and Pas with their engagement announcement?
Nick: Because she's a bridezilla
by JerLuvsDiane September 06, 2006
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