Wild Irish Rose Wine. A beverage of choice among hobo nigga's.
Me an G man be up at da quib dwinkin brick.
by Dave January 20, 2004
a hard building material used to guarentee sex, also used to signify to your friends a female is attractive.

Ex 1. Smurf, check out them bricks over there.
Ex 2. Guy: Hey, look over there. Girl: Where? Guy: Right there! Girl: I don't see anythi... *brick*
by Team_BYOB September 16, 2003
school house.. academy.. and bloody building that has ghetto fatasses and b-o reking instructors.
hey shithead.. ready to hop on da cheese and head over to da brick ay?
by jordan shithead February 27, 2005
a brick is twenty thousand dollars. $20,000
"yea thats about ten stacks, half a brick in my pants"-young jeezy. Stack=$1,000
by Yung Tune January 07, 2008
A brick just like your mum.
Flat all over..and laid by mexicans
hahahaha your mums like a brick
by jacko Wacko January 18, 2005
crack brick
Package that softwhite in bricks
by hustler August 04, 2003
means a big brick
man that girls ass is brick.
by brick May 04, 2003

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