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verb. British slang. The act of knocking a woman unconscious using a brick or similar blunt object. Commonly preceding a sexual assault.
That girl is so damn hot, if I met her down a dark alley I'd definitely brick'er.
by TheHolsomTwins September 07, 2011
to be fucked by more than 2 guys
Lets bricker this girl, I love getting brickered everyday, I love brickering girls all day.
by yaboynigga123 March 02, 2014
Used to describe someone who is gutless. Derived from the expression 'shitting bricks'
That kid is a right bricker
by Reaver2 October 17, 2008
British slang used to describe people who you find extremely annoying or bothersome, also can be used to describe someone of extreme stupidity.
Office Worker 1: Hey mate have you seen my stapler?
Office Worker 2: Sorry mate I haven't, it must have been Gary.
Office Worker 1: That bloke's such a Bricker!
by XombieFighter91 March 31, 2008