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BRIAN HANER aka SYNYSTER GATES is guitar god from AVENGED SEVENFOLD and has the sexiest eyes with their make-up
,,WOW, what a cute make-up! who is that sexy guy?"
,,It's Brian Haner Jr. aka Synyster Gates, dude"
by bloodyangel July 02, 2006
Lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold

stage name: Synyster Gates

Has extensive work of tattoos on his body.
Also has a few piercings (nose and ears, etc?).

Is known for being one of THE best lead guitarists. Also has excellent Solos. A few examples demonstrated in the following songs: "To End the Rapture", "Bat Country", "Unholy Confessions" and "Chapter Four"
A. Brian Haner Jr. is such a hottie!

B. Brian is my idol. He has inspired me to learn how to play the guitar.

C. Not only is Brian smokin' hot, but he is also one of the best guitarists!
by Lady_Kalakaz January 21, 2009
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