Any one person who is known for their extremely sexy body and/or large genitalia.
Man, have you guys seen Bri Bri? He's ENORMOUS!
by DudeBri12 April 29, 2011
Top Definition
A very annoying and insulting nickname for anyone named Brian.
(6:39:17 PM) %Sunny: bri bri
(6:39:17 PM) Sunny was kicked by Brian (Don't call me that.)
by sublym0nal August 29, 2007
Bri Bri is brilliant.
Omf, I just met Bri Bri and was dazzled by her intelligence and quick wit!
by I <3 Bri Bri. December 16, 2005
An affectionate and pretty nickname for a female friend.
"Hey! Bri Bri, Those cookies you made were delicious."
by Skirll October 19, 2011
A Bribri is a person who's obsessed with the celbebrity Robert Pattinson. It is commonly a girl. She may go to such extents as drawing immages of the her and Robert Pattinson ''happy'' together. She simply cannot go a day without having indescent thoughts about him. She will often become extremly upset at the thought that she will probably never meet him.
by Colourdy April 07, 2009
Someone named Brian who feels that having a five letter name just isn't short enough, so he gives himself a nickname; only it has SIX letters. Bri Bris usually like to wear their favorite Penn State shirt while turning very short words such as "bye" into the more repetitive salutation, "bye bye". No one knows why. Bri Bris like to be traitors and purchase coffee from their employer's competition, such as PJ's.
Costa Rican Individual: "I'm leaving, bye guys!"

Bri Bri: "Bye bye!"
by not christi and bri January 27, 2010
A Ragging Homosexual who likes to fuck little boys in the ass.
Hey look at that thing raping that 6 year old in the ass.. must be a bri bri
by KILLER BEE January 29, 2004
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