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A man's female
"My brezzy juss called, I got to go.."
by Pimptress December 28, 2003
106 34
Another way of saying your fresh or clean.
I'm Feeling Really Brezzy.
"He/she Lookin' Really Brezzy"
by therealtruth101 April 10, 2009
67 28
A sexy female/ A dyme piece!
I want that brezzy to be my wifey!
by mzf. February 17, 2008
44 22
referring to a girl who is eaither dating or hanging around a guy. She is usually, trashy and hoe like.

always used in a derrogitory or negative fashion
" You should have seen the brezzy who was all over me at the club last night..."
by girl2391 November 13, 2005
62 50
Its the combination of the derogatory term for woman, broad, and the term easy
I going to grab me a brezzy tonight.
by Sean the Iceman January 05, 2008
20 28
a girl who think that she is the ish and she is a hoe basically
Look at that breezy fide girl over there thinking she is the shit
by aja August 21, 2004
26 48
A crazy, physco girl
Yea, that brezzy is hella dumb.
by Pimptress December 28, 2003
18 55