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noun ( pl. -keys)
1) A fresh cold lager or ale.
2) A beer that really hits the spot.
3) Any sort of beer.
4) It's a fucking brew donk
1) Yo man pass me a fresh brew donkey!
2) You are drinking my brew donkey Darsh.
3) Hey boys! I just got us a fresh round of brew donks.
4) Dude! This brew donkey is like totally flat.
5) Did someone dip in my brew donkey?
6) I love a nice cold brew donkey, especially after a rough day.
7) Dude your boner almost knocked over my brew donkey!
8) This brew donkey is like totally poo donkey.
9) Hey honky! Lego my brew donkey!
10) After we drink these brew donkeys you wanna hit the half pipe and get totally verticle!
by Brew Donk April 13, 2007

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he or she forced to go solo on a beer run

or a person who can hold down a lot of beer
well i guess im the gawl damm brew donkey tonight
by poodonkey June 14, 2010