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extremely sexy muthafucka everyone loves to suck breno's ginormous COCK. he is the coolest person in this muthafucking unifuckingverse
man i would love breno to fuck fuck fuck me.

Man look at that guy he is soo hott he almost looks like a breno.
by muthafuckingpimp March 03, 2004
Typically a person who enjoys ruining parties by removing all the alcohol and trying to take care of everyone.
"Hey dude, did you hear about Kyle last night?"
"Yeah, he's such a Breno"
by Voodoo11 May 30, 2016
A person who comes to parties and steals all the alcohol, just to then pour it down the sink. Usually is a nice guy, but does so much stupid shit.
"Hey did you hear that Josh poured all the alcohol down the drain?!"
"Yeah man, he's such a Breno dude."
by Voodoo11 June 06, 2016
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