to breeze is to run, or scarper
moving at high speed
"rah man that kid breezed when the filth arrived"
by mr majestic June 05, 2005
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conversation without any relevance
you chat bare breeze blud
In standard english; your talking rubbish
by tarek March 19, 2005
vrb: to chat breeze
to say things with no relevance or to waffle (see waffle)

to speak complete bollocks.
you chat bare breeze

you chattin breeze!?
by Matt12345 August 01, 2005
A girl, often very pretty, and perhaps a model. All the boys are after her and her gorgeous figure! She has amazing hair and a stunning smile!
Boy 1: OMG who's that girl?
Boy 2: That's Breeze
Boy 1: OMG i WANT her!
by littlemissyy<3 January 04, 2011
An attractive female, short for breezie (breezy).
Damn, that girl was a breeze right there!
by JSch April 30, 2007
The process of leaving the area.
Yo this party is wack. I'm about to breeze.
by Wun The Coolkid July 26, 2009
Another word for cool (a breeze is cool), or even awesome. Used to describe a person or situation.
That was so breeze!
Bill is breeze
by Bill_Eastwood August 16, 2011

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