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verb: to breer someone,

A breer is when a group of people are talking and one person steps inwards and blocks out someone from the group. This can be highly annoying. When a breer is committed the victim is then entitled to one breer tag.
"dude you just breered me!"
by breer September 15, 2011
Synonym for cat. The term was coined when an individual noticed his cat would make a "breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer" noise when she was hungry. He concluded the all cats will now be known as breer.
" That breer is meowing really loudly" "check out that floppy, flab breer"
via giphy
by The white boy breh June 11, 2016
Its beer, or brew. An alcoholic beverage that comes in a convenient can or bottle.

Beer+ Brew =Breer
"Hook it up with some breer fool."
by ktskute September 22, 2009
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