when a fine az nigga passes by and all ur gurlz stare while he passin by...
we all broke neck cuz diz nigga was fine
by NATALIE July 16, 2004
Top Definition
To impress thoroughly, wether it be through shoes, clothes, looks or money.
"Damn son. you broke that fools neck with your nike dunks, he damn near shit himself"
by Ganz March 15, 2005
has 2 meaning that are total opposites:
1) someone/thing that is so ugly that you have to turn your head so quickly away from it, that you break your neck
2) someone/thing that is the shiznit and you turn yo head so quickly to look that you break your neck...
*not literally* :P lol
1) what the fuck was that, that hoe all rubbing up on me, shit she was a mutha fucking breakneck
2) dam girl your so breakneck
by FrankStyla March 23, 2003
A w0rd to be used in to opposite meanings. For g0od and bad.
A FAT azz dirty maa faka = breakneck
tight bitch wit talent = breakneck
by J to tha L to tha double E March 31, 2003
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