when a man's hair is too long on top and it rises like fresh baked bread.
Did you see Joe's hair today? yeah, he's got bread head.
by Joey BeefBuicker July 23, 2010
Top Definition
a person whos only concern is money

( see neils book of the dead )
my dad is such a breadhead
by HiMoon November 22, 2004
Someone who is a big fan of children's singer/songwriter, Bread Harrity.
"We're huge Bread heads, we go to all the Bread Harrity concerts."
by CannibalCorpse666 May 01, 2009
Someone who is forever asking how much something costs.
"Thats interesting how much did it cost you."

"Oh don't be such a bread head it doesn't matter what is costs"
by BeeeDeee February 28, 2008
someone with brown/red hair
See that girl over there? She's a total breadhead.
by samjo March 29, 2009
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