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a song by 70's rock 'n' roll band Budgie, which was later covered by Metallica. Both will rock your socks.
a) Yo man, i went to the Budgie reunion concert last night. They played Breadfan, it was sweet!

b) breadfan open up your mind, open your bones, open your purse, never never gonna lose it.
by Randal Leadbelcher October 10, 2006
a) a type of asian sex lord
b) a fan of bread, especially a person who goes and samples different types of bread, including whole wheat bread fan and italian bread fan
c) a song by Metallica
a) Hey, Hashi go and call up the breadfan
b) Breadfan liked going to the supermarket for bread
c) Breadfan, open up your mind, open up your purse,
Open up your bones, never, never gonna lose it.
by drew_c June 23, 2005
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