be right back rolling blunt or be right back roasting bowls
A: yo nigguh whatup let's go get some fried chicken
B: yo i hear you, we gotta blaze before the bucket uh wings though son
A: word let me get the dutch, brbrb
by verbalhaze July 13, 2009
Top Definition
be right back ripping bong
A: hey
B: haiiiiiii
A: how ya doin there chief?
B: swell, just swell
A: you're gay, brbrb
B: omggg you're so lucky i wish i could suck on some bong
by verbalhaze July 10, 2009
Be Right Back ReBoot
<Linkin> argh my computer is acting up
<Kon> Try restarting
<Linkin> alright brbrb
by sehres August 17, 2008
When in Instant messaging you or your friends brb's while the other person in on brb
Person one: Brb

Person two: Okay

Person two: Brb

Person one: Back , and okay

^ brbrb
by MattSerj May 30, 2009
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