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A braught dogger is a "bro" who rides a dirtbike or anything relating to a desert toy. "Braught" is the reving noise that the engine of the bike makes.
They drink lots of beer and smoke weed and make frequent trips to Glamis and Octillo Wells.
Hang out with their hot blonde girlfriends, bro hoe, and drag them to parties in their giant lifted trucks.
Excessively wears brands like So-Cal, No Fear, SRH, Famous Stars and Straps, Skin, Metal Mulisha, and Spy.

Ex. 1 "Braught! Braught!"

Ex. 2 "Dude, we're guna go braught dogg it, Peace!"

Ex. 3 "Braught dogger to the bone!"
by Moonflower September 05, 2006
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