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French slang for masturbation.

1. (Vulgar) Wank, ham shank, hand shandy (act of masturbation).
2. (Vulgar) Crap, bullshit (worthless thing or activity)
3. (Vulgar) Crap, bullshit, wankery (dubious or too elaborated construct, in general intellectually).

Derives from "branler" (to wobble, te be unstanble, also in slang to wank).
Se taper une branlette = to pull one's wire, to have a ham shank

Lire des bouquins, c'est le la branlette = Reading books is a fucking waste of time.

La droite, la gauche, le libéralisme, le communisme, c'est de la branlette tout ça ! = Right, left, free market economy, communism, that's all bullshit.
by The Ultimate Cunt January 24, 2010

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