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a revolutionary new idea or concept, having mostly a positive effect to society.
The assembly line was the brainchild of Henry Ford, ushering in mass production of automobiles and significantly reducing their price for a while.
by Polo July 16, 2006
Another term for "thought" or "idea". Commonly used amongst unpublished writers (such as writers of fanfiction).
Person 1: Hey, you copied my story!
Person 2: No I didn't, it was MY brain child!
by Rina-chan August 05, 2006
the FUCKED UP idea of someone who just comes up with something totally random and puts it into motion without thinking about it first
Person 1: "Why the hell are we doing it that way now?"
Person 2: "I don't know, it was dickhol's brain child"
by smokeymonkey May 27, 2011
A newborn baby whose conception is the result of skull fucking.
Nine months after Brian released his nut into Jess' skull, little Igor, their Brain Child, was born on a full moon, just in time for the late summer harvest. The new family celebrated with ice cream cake.
by brainbutter February 17, 2010
master mind in computers, having supreme knowledge.
man that kid knows everything, what a brainchild.
by TEHBRAINCHILD March 27, 2005
a sarcastic term used to describe someone who is being amazingly stupid
Cos now my back's really starting to ache
Yeah my eyes are getting heavy and I can't stay awake
The DJ on the radio's really starting to vex me
And if nobhead gets any closer then he's gonna scratch me
Cos I can feel the pressure rising, like that film, falling down
The light's are green BRAINCHILD, what you waiting for?
Cruising around in your X5 Jeep with your 14" rims
And your cream leather seats
With your starbucks in one hand and your 6310 in the other
Whats your problem, you stupid mother?

(Trip to the golden Arches by Bromheads jacket)
by Starry June 14, 2006
A child with an unnaturally large brain that protudes from the child's head reaching up to 3 metres in all directions. A brainchild's brain has the capability of fatally crushing unsuspecting bystanders should they stray too close to the spectacle.
"That Emily is a brainchild"
"The brainchild's brain broke every bone in Terrance's body."
by Rossetta3123 September 10, 2006
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