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Actually Sish, unlike my friend Josh (greendayisthegreatest), i actually am an expert on the subject. And Brain Stew isnt about meth, thats what Geek Stink Breath is about. Brain Stew is about how stressed out Billie Joe was, whenever his 1st kid was born. Billie had 2 stay up all night and take care of his kid, and this made it hard 4 him 2 concentrate on his music. So, he wrote a song about how stressed he was
Fucked up and spun out in my room
by Mike_Dirnt September 04, 2004
an awesome green day song with very hard, but totally cool, guitar piece; the song is about being so stressed out that it feels like your going to have a nervous breakdown
My eyes feel like their gonna bleed,
Dried up and bulging out my skull,
My mouth is dry,
My face is numb,
Fucked up and spun out in my room,
On my own,
Here we go
by GreenDayIsTheBest April 16, 2004
~A song by the greatest band of all time: Green Day
~A soup made of human thinking machiney things.
Brain Stew is what I am listening to as well as having for dinner.
by Jessey Jane April 04, 2004
1) Good ideas become even better when you set them on a backburner and ignore them until they just won't stand for it anymore. Delicious.

2) Mummy soup. Popular in late Victorian Egyptologist circles. Generally a side dish. Delicious.
Oy guv'ner, be a lad and pass a sup of brain stew, wot?
by B. March 13, 2005
Song by Green Day about getting high off meth.

"no rest for CROSSTOPS in my mind."
"my mind is set on overdrive"
"my sense dulled"

'CROSSTOPS' is meth in pill form
leave billie joe alone, hes in his room alone on meth going crazy. . . writing a song called brain stew.
by killswitch-A&M July 30, 2009
i do beleive all the other definitions of the word, but i have to argue with the one about it not doing crystal meth, it clearly says "spun out in my room," which means that you are high on crystal meth, so maybe the song is a mixture of beth definitions, and if not, why did billie joe use the term, spun?
wow, i was listening to green day, and i was all spun our in my room and shit. green day kicks ass!
by gummybear March 07, 2005
dumbasses - Brain Stew is about doing crystal meth
I can't listen to Brain Stew when I'm high - fucks me up.
by shish September 01, 2004
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