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noun and verb

when you suddenly have a complete psycho and all logical thought and reason takes a back seat to your rage and anger. sudden act of rage, without premeditation.

dangerous and illogical things happen.
"My god, what happened here?"
"Tim brainsnapped and thwacked him"
"Tim had a brainsnap and thwacked him"

Smashing a whole cupboard full of crockery on the footpath cos your plate wasnt cleaned properly. (From: He Died With a Felafel in His Hand)

by chuckles mcdagger February 11, 2008
the term used by famous people (and normal people) to justify doing something really stupid that if they'd taken half a second to think about it they probably wouldn't have done it anyway. it's a cheap way of saying sorry for doing something dumb and not taking any slack for it.
the famous celebrity phone throwing incident that everyone knows about - headline of paper "how my brain snapped"
by trinie July 31, 2006
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