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(verb) to mess with a member of the opposite sex's head, usually by women. Originates from the comedy routine of comedian Dane Cook.
"Peter needed to talk after Maria brain-ninja'd him."
by strongbadia7 November 13, 2007
when your in a horrible "relationshit" and you get in a fight one day and the girlfriend happens to say a comment that will seem at first like the worst come back ever but soon will make you so friggin' angry that you go make a ass out of yourself in front of her
yeah steve i completely was fucking brain ninja'd, i walked in and just sounded like a complete dumm shit
by dickydick May 14, 2007
A medical term used to describe when an extrodinary woman leaves you speechless.
Ben: You always ignore me when I call you.
Brittany: Ya well you never leave a message
Ben: (speechless)
Brittany: Ya you've been brain ninja'd !
by Benny Frederick April 07, 2009
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