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A third party game for Steam which Contains extreme violence that involves mowing down zombies with automatic weapons and axes. The main objective is to nuetralize the zombie infested area without getting bitten...if u get bitten you become a zombie, and bite other non-zombie players
You playin brain bread?


by ry March 27, 2005
Half-Life mod which deals with shooting hordes of horribly modeled zombies. It is recommended to induce vomiting after playing.
He dropped out of school to play brainbread.....
by Eric January 10, 2005
A canabalist term refering to the brain after it's been prepared for serving. The brain is sliced into servings similar to a loaf of bread, and is refered to as "brain bread".
"Do you have anymore of that brain bread left?"
by Bluehawk February 07, 2005
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