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what is rejected by the brain after it has been completely and utterly fucked
That physics class gave me a brain queef.

What the hell? That's crazy! I'm going to have a brain queef!
by Uncle Ike May 15, 2009
When you FUCK UP. Specifically due to the amount of drugs you consume. Instead of brainfart, its brainqueef because queefing is taking it to the next level. This word originated from 205k.
Gotdamn Janet brainqueefs all day cause of all the drugs she does.
by 205K November 08, 2009
Equlivent of a 'brain fart'
Damn, i just had a brain queef
by NOH8 May 29, 2009
We all know what a brain fart is, right?

Well, then just use your imagination!
Did you see that? She just had a brain queef!
by Klaatu_v8 April 26, 2007
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