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is: providing one with unclear/wrong/false information about the current situation and/or misstating/misprinting one with actual truth that helps to understand the situation better and to evaluate the outcomes.

purpose: make you wait as long as it possible until the decision is made - usually not to your likable outcome

common for:
1 (anything whatsoever): keeping something on hold but knowing they won't need it or use it.

2 (interpersonal):
a) situations when someone can't make up their silly mind and try to take their time until they finally decide that they don't need you anymore;
b) "just in case"; "plan B"; "fuckable alternative"

leading to: false understanding of situation; irrelevant priorities; wasted time; faded dreams; fucked brain. yes.
- So is John buying a car from you ?
- I dunno really.. he haven't gave me any clear answer yet, but asks to wait for one more month
- Umm.. sounds like brain fucking to me, really.

- He doesn't call me, doesn't want to meet up, but send me sms's that miss me once a week ! I don't understand !
- He's fucking your brain, thats all.
by i.o. January 23, 2007
the process of getting into ones head n fucking shit up.
"were you just staring at that bitch?"

"no.. i was brainfucking her"
by cleverfckrs September 15, 2009
Having an intellectual conversation with someone, at such an intense level that you reach mental orgasms, as if both brains were having sex.

"We don't only have physical sex, we also brainfuck a lot. She gives me amazing mental orgasms"
"Lucy likes brainfucking better than actual sex"
by immaterial labour February 05, 2015
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