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is: providing one with unclear/wrong/false information about the current situation and/or misstating/misprinting one with actual truth that helps to understand the situation better and to evaluate the outcomes.

purpose: make you wait as long as it possible until the decision is made - usually not to your likable outcome

common for:
1 (anything whatsoever): keeping something on hold but knowing they won't need it or use it.

2 (interpersonal):
a) situations when someone can't make up their silly mind and try to take their time until they finally decide that they don't need you anymore;
b) "just in case"; "plan B"; "fuckable alternative"

leading to: false understanding of situation; irrelevant priorities; wasted time; faded dreams; fucked brain. yes.
- So is John buying a car from you ?
- I dunno really.. he haven't gave me any clear answer yet, but asks to wait for one more month
- Umm.. sounds like brain fucking to me, really.

- He doesn't call me, doesn't want to meet up, but send me sms's that miss me once a week ! I don't understand !
- He's fucking your brain, thats all.
by i.o. January 23, 2007
the process of getting into ones head n fucking shit up.
"were you just staring at that bitch?"

"no.. i was brainfucking her"
by cleverfckrs September 15, 2009