Receiving fellatio (Getting brain) while having a bowel movement.
My girl was hot for my rod, but I had just eaten 2 burritos, so it was time for a brain dump.
by EastmanDC September 18, 2008
Top Definition
When your boss summons you to his office for a "meeting" with sole purpose of his own education, usually about something he should already know. Essentially, he is trying shamelessly to "download" your brain content, instead of picking up textbooks and learning.
Our regional head Chia Pet called me to another brain dump meeting to ask more questions about Intex. I doubt he learned much.
by Alan Ford May 03, 2008
Moments of sheer brilliance that occur while taking a deuce on the toilet.
e.g. I had a monumental brain dump after that bran muffin that might just win me the Nobel Peace Prize.

Just remember, your shit stinks, my shit thinks.
by BM Socal November 29, 2009
When random songs spew out of your mouth for no reason, making room for new information to be absorbed in your brain.
8 a.m.:
Coworker 1: "I am stuck on bandaid brand cause bandaid stuck on me"

Coworker 2: Where did that come from?
Coworker 1: I have no idea!


Coworker 1: "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you"

Coworker 2: What is with all these random songs?
Coworker 1: Not sure, they just keep popping into my head, so I want to share them with you. Once I give them to you, they are no longer in my head. I am not even listening to music today!

3 p.m.:
Coworker 1: "My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, parrrrty all the timmmme"

Coworker 2: HA HA
Coworker 1: I mean seriously, I must be having a brain dump, getting rid off all the useless songs I have memorized to make room for new information!

Next day:

Coworker 1: What was the song I was signing yesterday? I want to submit to Urban Dictionary.
Coworker 2: I dont remember, the bandaid song and some random song from the 80's. So the brain dump worked?
Coworker 1: Oh my god, it did!
by Alleycatz November 10, 2009
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