your homies, friend, folks, loved ones. Term of endearment. Originated in Bay Area.
What it do brah brah?
by appelini May 19, 2006
Top Definition
a sexy lady, with an eye that's lazy. A girl that's fly with a wonky eye. She's smokin' with an eye that's broken. People think it's hot the way she looks left a lot.

She is also careless with her dog
Brahbrah was looking for her epileptic dog
by paulstudy May 14, 2010
a semantically nondescript reiteration of the word brah, with props to the emphasis of "brah," being that it is, the greater of the two terms.

Used frequently in Oakland, CA
"Come on brah brah!"
by Mista Jay, Sr. November 19, 2008
white chick trying to sound legit, when giving props to a black homie
"brah brah lets pound 40oz" - Sheryl Sharkey
by sharkey sharkerson August 07, 2007
Feeble attempt made by caucasians to sound hip when calling the attention of the bouncer who happens to be black
Can I get in ? Brah brah . . .You know me don't 'cha ?
by Mr.Mann May 26, 2006

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