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Verb: to hook up with (not sex) (see hardcore brabe)

Noun: an attractive person you'd want to hook up with
verb: I'd brabe him
Joan's busy brabing.

noun: He's such a brabe.
by KDHL March 27, 2005
This word was created when the words "Bro" and "Babe" were fused together during a lightening storm of genius and creativity. "Brabe" is a word for people who use "Bro" and "Babe" synonymously. "Brabe" is non gender specific, and applies to anyone bro, or babe. Usually used as a term of endearment. A perfect word to be used between any persons in a platonic relationships.
"Whadaya drinkin', brabe?"
"Hey brabe, you goin' out tonight?"
by ODIE March 25, 2013
A nickname for someone that you have a bromance with.
Brad: Dude, do you consider Brett a brabe?
Joey: No bro, we're just really good friends.
by disco jackson May 06, 2009
engaging in anal sex followed by auto-fellatio
brabe? Isn't that when you fuck someone in the ass then suck your own dick?
by Ricky Fresh October 27, 2005

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