The merging of 'br4' and 'm8'.
Two times better than br4.
"My flux capacitor is broken."
"I feel ya, br8."
by lagarco March 25, 2008
Top Definition
A combination between the words "bro" and "m8". Used as a term of endearment for individuals who surpass both the levels of a casual bro, or a happy-go-lucky m8. Also recognized as the highest compliment a man can achieve.

Proof: bro + m8= br8
"Just got a sticker for doing my math homewerk!"

"Nice job br8 ;)"

-Notice how the words bro and m8 weren't used in the following example. The honor of receiving a sticker is too great to use a regular word such as bro or m8, thus br8 was the only option.
by KoothrapaliBR8 January 13, 2014
Br8 is a combination of "bro" and "m8" which is the shortened version of "mate".

Usually used to indicate close friendship amongst a group of people. Used much more often on the internet.
Person 1: Hey, you know that guy wearing the tie?
Person 2: Yeah man, that dude's my br8. Known him since forever.
Person 1: Damn... I wish I had a br8 like that.
by BigkidArora January 13, 2014
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