One of the most important and special people in your life, you want to always heard their voice and be by their side. A person who you can trust, love and go to when in need.
"everyone needs a boyfriend"
#love #special #girlfriend #important #loyal
by jonezy101 June 28, 2009
a)The guy that you cant stop thinking about.
b)The guy who smiles and call you beautiful when he sees you.
c)The guy who makes everyone hate on you for staying with him.
d)The guy that tells you he loves you anytime.
e)The guy that hold your hand while he makes love to you.
f)The only guy you bend over backwards for.
g)The only guy that can hurt you.
h)The only guy that you'll keep forgiving
i)The only guy that takes you for granted.
j)The guy that you'll love always and forever.
My boyfriend... he doesnt call me his girlfriend, he calls his lover, beauti, darling and gorgeous etc...
#beautiful #hate #loves #takes you for granted #boyfriend #girlfriend #lover
by Ms. His Lover October 14, 2008
Someone who annoys the living hell out of you, but has his moments of sweetness.
Girlfriend: Why do I even bother going out with you? You're always late, you annoy the living hell out of me, you're arro--
Boyfriend: *presents a rose*
Girlfriend: --Awwwww.
#boy #friend #living hell #sweet #guy
by Swolfe.M January 20, 2009
amazing person who always calls to say i love you, hugs and kisses whenever his girl is sad, makes (or gets from the diner) breakfast in bed, has egg hunts, will skip brothers weekend with his frat and surprise his girlfriend and her best friends with saki bombs, makes her a get well package when she is sick,always spoils her, meets the entire family and friends from hom (and everyone loves him) and most importantly is the person that really and truly makes his girlfriend so incredibly happy and makes her feel so deeply in love for the first time. This guy is the best thing that could have happened to her.
Bob is the greatest boyfriend in the world, he always makes Jessica smile!
#sweet #cute #loving #happy #funny
by Jess Dowd April 20, 2006
A boy who cares about you, protects you. You can trust him and he's trustworthy. He's more than a friend, you kiss him and hug him and, depending on your age, you can have sex.
I love my boyfriend :)
#boyfriend #friend #trustworthy #protector #love
by grei_eba August 01, 2009
that one boy you can't get enough of.
he makes you smile with your teeth& treats you like a princess.
being with him is your favouritist..
there are six billion people in the world more or less& it makes me feel quite small.
but my boyfriend is the one i like most of all.
#boy #relationships #fancy #partner #friend #guy
by leannieee May 09, 2007
Somebody who you LIKE like, kiss, go out with, etc. Not to be confused with a friend who is a boy.
She doesn't believe in boyfriends.
by Antiboyfriend February 04, 2004
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