cute guy geek that you can spend tons of time with at the apple store, and he won't complain.
my boyfriend likes apple.
by teh_applegoddess July 07, 2003
1) The term you must associate with the male you are having sexual relations with in order to avoid being declared a "slut"
2) The nickname for your vibrator in the bedside drawer.
1) "Sorry, I can't hang out tonight, my boyfriend is coming over."
2) "Wow, this porn is really exciting, I think my boyfriend needs to make an appearance."
by Kristen December 01, 2003
A fake title used for fucking rights.
I met this guy who wanted to be my boyfriend just so he could fuck me. We barely talk.
#boyfriend #boy #guy #man #asshole #fuckface #kain #bf #girlfriend #gf
by the kid under the cupboard January 10, 2009
A person who is not you.
I'm going to have sex with my boyfriend.
#loneliness #fun #exclusivity #ketcham #rejection
by Sklooby May 10, 2008
A male who needs sex constantly and has nothing better to do than fuck with one womans head, and screw the rest of them. In other words, a male who doesnt want to communicate but does want unlimited sex without feeling like a man-whore
So I guess he's my boyfriend, he said she didn't mean anything to her.
by SALI48 June 29, 2005
A man who is willing to do anything for the one he loves.Makes sacrafices and puts you first! James this is you. You are my hero!
You are the best boyfriend ever!
by Laura Binnie April 20, 2005
a person that you supposidly love, supposidly loves you.. then cheats on you with your best friend.
"he used me, he's my boyfriend"
by ....... October 22, 2003
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