Word used by idiots who are too cool to use the word Police.
'Bluuuuup, derez da boydem, kick up outta here bruv 'efore dey buss caps'

Stupid seeing as the Police don't have guns in England, yet idiots still think they are living in a ghetto.
by Tibor May 03, 2005
Top Definition
The Police
'Boydem appear, all flashlight' Taskforce - The Junkyard
by juxjux September 08, 2003
the police, the 5-0, the feds, the pigs.
oh shit man, lets get out of hear, its the boydem
by joogz July 13, 2003
slang term referring to the police
---> Dont go down dat road...theres nuff boy dem around

---> Dont trust dat breh...he moves with the boy dem
by EAST November 04, 2005
it means da po po are coming for ya! POLICE!!!!!!!!!
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
Boydem is the slang term for police
Joshue: Nah fam boydem are around the block we cant be doing this here

Mike:Yeah famn man aint tryna be caught by Boydem thats peak !
by ItsBarbieB*tch April 11, 2010
dem boys - them boys. Them boys being the Police. Spun back to front to form boydem.
It's the boydem. Meaning it's them boys - it's the Police.
by E8-G September 21, 2009
A term used to describe the police.
"yo dip, the boy-dem comin'.."

"yea yo, i seen the boy-dem on beat round the corner dawg, let's bounce from this spot.."
by BLuNT April 12, 2005
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