A boy who is pretty much a living accessory. There to make a girl look good. No emotional attachment involved. Can also be written as B.T. for short.
Did you see the new Beyonce video? The boy toy in that is hot.
by Le One March 14, 2006
A boy who is there only to Satisfy a certain girl. She's with him only because of his appearance. To show him off , to abuse his Body ...
Look at her she has a new Boytoy this week
by Z tha Kid November 25, 2008
Male used for sexual purposes. Often a twink used by a daddy.
Daddy really bangs his boytoy.
by boybrutus November 12, 2005
When an older woman has a superficial relationship with a younger man, often a rebound from a serious relationship break-up.
Woman 1: Have you seen the new fella Jane has? He's practically a boy!

Woman 2: Her and her school sweetheart broke up after 40 years. Men get red convertables and women get boytoys!
by Neil Eubich July 29, 2013
A young man who offers himself as a sex object for women.
Gabe, quite being a boy-toy....
by PharmingDetroit April 28, 2012
A man used by men and women to have sex or fun with play with
Your a boy toy troy
by alofkje April 13, 2015
is an is a unofficial boyfriend.
someone you like
Laurens boytoy is Mason.
by Lilly Lampshade October 07, 2009

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