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female genitalia, specifically, the vagina
The box a penis comes in.
by JT January 26, 2004
similar to being cool in late eighties in various groups(short lived term)
that bitch is box i'm straight onna tag dat ass
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
Another word for penis. Mostly used as a code word for a joke.
The average box is near 6 1/2 inches long.
I had to move many boxes yesterday. (lol)
by Vyto May 26, 2009
Used as an unsulting nickname for someone who is obviously and completely unintelligent; to call someone "Box" is to insinuate that they are dumber than a box of rocks.
Synonyms: Dumb, stupid, ignorant, retarded.
"Wrong again, Box."
"You're such a Box!"
by Aron Degenerate September 20, 2005
the square kind of shape between a womens legs near her vagina. a good box is one of a woman with thin legs and a good arse as the bx will be more defined from the front and the back as you can see straight thru
look at the box on that, brunnel would of been pleased with that
by sanders October 02, 2003
Taters 83 ford fairmont. FEAR THE BOX CHEVY BOY!! Full tube chassis with a turbocharged 472 cubic inch ford big block. 1500 horsepower.
Tators out cruisin in the box again. shit!!! he just ate that blown camaro away. Did you hear that... I think that guy is crying because that turbo displaces more air than his entire engine.
by nick September 11, 2003
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