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Here's to drunkenness & cases of beer, to the shots of vodka & Everclear. Here's to random hookups & the Walk of Shame. Heres to knowing his number, but not his name. Here's to Beta 500 Week, the year's biggest bash. Here's to being a BG student, now let's go get trashed!
I got an underage at BGSU!!!!!!
by D$ December 05, 2004
A kick ass party school located in Northwest Ohio. Home of the Falcons, BGSU has recently become a good football program. Plus, they have lots of hot chicks, but make sure you wear a rubber.
"I got laid in BG last night."
"Who didn't?!"
by hexum January 19, 2005
(BGSU) A mid-sized school in Northeast Ohio with a good teaching program, a great art/design program, and a kickass football team. School mascot is the Falcon, while the school colors are orange and brown.
Person from Michigan: "I went to Bowling Green"
Person from Florida: "Ain't that in Kentucky?"
by expos September 08, 2004
A crappy-ass town located in Kentucky that is slowly becoming less lame. Oft' called Boring Green for it's lack of anything interesting to do.
Internet Stalker: So, little girl, where do you live?
Little Girl: I live in Bowling Green. Please, come kill me.
by Rawrness March 10, 2005
A SOUTHERN redneck city in the lower (Southeast U.S.) half of Kentucky. Western Kentucky University, a college notorious for numerous parties and excessive drinking, is located here. Bowling Green was the Confederate Capital of Kentucky during the Civil War.
Bowling Green is in The South and around a half-hour drive from the Tennessee border; Owensboro is 70 miles north-northwest of that city and is in the Midwest and directly across from its sister state Indiana.
Bowling Green has Western Kentucky University; Owensboro has Brescia and Kentucky Weslyan Universities.
by A Baptist March 29, 2005
Bowling Green University...the STD capital of the country. Enough said!
Visit Bowling Green come home with Herpes!
by not going to bowling green September 19, 2005
Does anyone at Bowling Green even know how to spell Bowling Green?
Bowling Green is where the studying starts..starts to stop.
by ik <3 van je March 11, 2005
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