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This is when your bowels instinctively shutdown when you are preparing to go around a friends/family members house.

Don’t ask how it happens it just shuts down, i think it a mix of embracement and pure fear (fear of looking like an ass) that triggers a shutdown

It’s a rare talent and can only be possible for a few days (not for longer than 3 days max if you do you can totally fuck up your bowels)

This rare talent is especially good when you don’t want to take a shit, dump or poo (whatever you feel appropriate) around a family members house (especially when you have-not seen them for a long time, or when around a friend’s house who’s sister is hot and you don’t want to embarrass yourself by stinking out the bathroom.
Mark; my parents surprised me with going around my uncles house at the weekend, I have-not seen him in ages, I think I’ll have to do a bowel shutdown


tom; I’m of around Tim’s house for a few day, and I really like his sister she is soooo hot, I’ll have to prepare for a bowel shutdown
by moooooooooooooooooooooooooose December 23, 2010
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