a sexy hot bitch
looks good in tight ass diesel jeans
yo dawg that dudes botzing it!
by Nessa January 08, 2005
Top Definition
Used mainly in New Zealand.
1-As a noun: Describes someone who thinks they know it all but they actually know nothing

2-As a verb (botzing): when some acts like the know everything but they actually know nothing.
1-That chick hasn't come to any dance practices, and here she is telling ME how it goes! What a botz!

2- That chick's straight botz (ing) it with her dance moves, but this is her first practice
by bittasweet January 16, 2009
Somebody who completly ruins a joke or an event. By laughing at something just becasue everyone else is. When they have no idea what their laughing at.

A random act.
Freddie is telling Hannah a joke
Freddie: And then she swam back!
Hannah: Oh hahahaha (Morgan approaches)
Morgan: Hahaha

*Akward silence*

Freddie: Whoa wata Botz Morgan!
Hannah: Haha hard owt !
by Ghetto's of Aux September 27, 2009

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