A woman who is down for anything. She is extremely loyal to her mate. She is not scared to defend her man even if it puts her life in danger.

James was caught with 10 bricks and Tasha took the charge. Thats why I love my bottom bitch.
by J.R.2008 October 15, 2008
The bitch of someone who is your bitch.
Random Hooker: But I'm afraid of Smooth (my pimp)
Vic Mackey: You need to be afraid of me! Smooth is my bitch, so that makes you my bottom bitch.

Dude I boss that kid Nick around so much, he's basically my bitch
Yeah well you're my bitch, so I guess Nick is my bottom bitch

by NickTaylor February 27, 2008
a female with no car, job, she live at home with her momma and aint doin shit wit her life.
that ho is a bottom bitch
by top knotch bitch May 19, 2009
a pimp's first bitch or whore. the woman who earns him his first pimping dollar(s). a pimp's favorite or oldest ho.
"She was my first ho, my bottom bitch."
by FastLill August 28, 2005

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