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a male who experiences feelings of sexual excitement/delight when he sees/imagines an ass
Ed is a real bottom boy...other men's bottoms, that is.
by King Shit January 18, 2003
27 103
When two guys are fucking, you guessed it, the one on the bottom.
Did you see that weak guy at the gym, he was grunting like a bottom boy.
by Bulldog January 29, 2006
171 44
a male who takes the submissive role in bed.
Maverick was the bottomboy for the leather Tops in the dungeon scene.
by PHUR May 25, 2008
16 2
Synonym for uke.
The cute one in a yaoi relationship.
EEEEEEEE!!! Bottom boys are so adorable!
by Ammeh April 15, 2004
44 56