The one that big pimp playa style daddy can count on to be right there even when he's at the bottom.
I don't trip off the rest of them tricks, but Asa, that's my bottom bitch. I know she gon' be there!
by homeyluvafriend July 10, 2008
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The one girl the pimp reserves for himself, or the player's favourite girl.
I want Kaylee Heins as my bottom bitch.
by H to tha A to tha R-T-Y June 08, 2004
A bottom girl, a bottom woman or bottom bitch, sits atop the hierarchy of prostitutes working for a particular pimp. A bottom girl is usually the prostitute who has been with the pimp the longest and consistently makes the most money. Being the bottom girl gives the prostitute status and power over the other women working for her pimp. However, the bottom girl also bears many responsibilities. In U.S. v. Pipkins, the Eleventh Circuit described the bottom girl’s duties as "working the track in her pimp’s stead, running interference for and collecting money from the pimp's other prostitutes, and looking after the pimp's affairs if the pimp was out of town, incarcerated, or otherwise unavailable". Similarly, the PIP Training Manual explains the bottom girl’s obligations may include handling finances and training and recruiting other prostitutes. Bottom girls may also instruct and advise new pimps on the ways of the prostitution business. The Pimp Game, a published instructional guide for pimps, compares the bottom girl to a coach in the NBA, i.e. a former player who "knows the ins and outs of the game", and explains that, like the NBA coach, she is "the least paid on the team, but the one who works the hardest". She also has the most interaction with her pimp's prostitutes, giving them "pep talks" and keeping them in the game.
I've been a bottom bitch for 5 years.......
by AnneGwish June 06, 2011
The most experienced hoe in a pimp's stable.
"I'm gonna put you on rthe corner, but before I do, you're gonna have to be in training with my bottom-bitch, you're gonna learn a lot of shit."
by J Daddy August 13, 2006
A pimp's main woman. The one he settles down with when they decide to get out the game. A lioness who he loves and trusts. A real down ass ride or die type bitch.
I have lots of hoes but only one bottom bitch
by Stephanie Wegner December 11, 2011
A bottom bitch is a down ass chick who is down for her man.
Yeah NeNe is my bottom bitch
by Igno February 15, 2005
The most experienced hoe in a pimp's stable
I'm gonna make you my bottom bitch Genevieve by letting you attend all the Sounders games with me.

Oh you're alone Genevieve and need to make friends.....How bout you be my bottom bitch?
by Hojizzle July 29, 2014
Significant Other or Hoe.
u/JumpingBean12's old man is my Bottom Bitch.
by clayism April 15, 2015
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