Wen sum 1's chattin a laod of shit that u dnt really give 2 fucks about u jus say bothered or does this face look bothered then simply walk of, alternatively you could say wotever minger
Random person: U'll never guess what happened last weekend blah blah blah
Me: Does this face look bothered
R.P: yes
Me: Wotever minger
by kay December 08, 2004
When dumb ass teenage girls use it instead of the word 'whatever' you know with the whole hand wobble wiggle, and don't forget the flick of the hair as they turn around. Yep.
Random nobody - You do know I hate you.
Random girly - Errr......bothered!(wobbly hand jibe)(flick of the hair)
by Keira_L July 16, 2003
If sum1 says sumit and ya want a gd cumbac without finkin u jus go bothered!!!
person 1: U pussy hole

by Helen June 02, 2004
Some guy who posts articles on xoxohth
bothered just posted another article on women being raped in Congo.
by bothered January 08, 2005
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